VCP7-CMA – Objective 4.1

Disclaimer: These are my notes from taking the 2V0-731 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The goal of this objective is to understand catalogue creation & management.

Objective 4.1 – Manage the vRealize Automation Catalog


To create a catalogue service you need to be logged in as a tenant administrator. Go to Administration, Catalog Management, Services.

Once on this page click on the new button & complete the form to create your service. You can give it a name, an icon to appear on the catalog page, set contact information & define a change window. This change window doesn’t impact anything, it just shows the information to the user so they know that it could be unavailable at certain times.

Once created, the service can be activated/deactivated by highlighting in the list and choosing the context aware button in the menu bar.

Next to this button is the ‘Manage Catalog Items’ button – this is to add/remove catalog items to the service. Not forgetting you can only add published items.

To control who has access to this service, go to the Entitlements section and create an entitlement. You can make this into a draft status until you’re ready to make it active. This is part of a defined business group, which in turn controls the reservations the entitlement has access to and where workloads will be provisioned.