VCAP-CMA Deploy – Objective 2.3

Disclaimer: These are my notes from studying for the 3V0-31.18 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The main goal for the whole of section 2 is to understand how to configure vRA to be able to consume resources.

Objective 2.3 -Configure vRealize Automation to consume NSX resources


First thing you’re going to need to do if you want to setup NSX within vRA is confirm that NSX is healthy. Now we won’t be going into depth as this is a vRA exam, but you’ll need to check the basics. For me this is just the dashboard.


Once this is confirmed, next step is to add the NSX endpoint (assuming the vCenter endpoint is already added). Within the endpoint section, add a Networking & Security endpoint, fill in NSX details:


Then you’ll need to associate the NSX endpoint with the vCenter endpoint. You can do this from either the vCenter endpoint or the NSX endpoint. vRA will populate the reverse fixture. However, when removing the association, you’ll need to remove it on both ends.


Once all this is complete, it’s worth checking the data collection to make sure that everything was successful.

vRA allows you to perform a number of different functions with NSX built in. However if you want to do anything out side of these function you’ll need to configure NSX as an endpoint within vRO. Easily enough to achieve this, simply run the Create NSX Endpoint workflow.


Once run, verify in the inventory.