VCAP-CMA Deploy – Objective 7.2

Disclaimer: These are my notes from studying for the 3V0-31.18 exam. If something doesn’t make sense, please feel free to reach out.

The main goal for this objective is the initial installation & configuration of vRB in line with vRA.

Objective 7.2 – Integrate vRealize Business with vRealize Automation


Pretty simple objective this one.

Once you’ve deployed the vRB appliance, browse to the vRB VAMI page, on the Register tab complete the details of the vRA appliance and hit register.

Once you’ve registered the appliance successfully, you see the red text at the top & the SSO status change.

Once this is done, login to vRA. You’ll notice that there are a few extra roles, once these have been granted you’ll see the Business Management tab and the Business Management section with the Administration tab.

The latter is the place to start as this is vRB data collection is configured. You’ll need to configure vRB to point to the required endpoints. In my case, a vCenter and NSX manager.

All done!